Redfish Charter Fishing in Southern Louisiana

Redfish, also known as red drum, are distinguishable by their coppery-brown and red coloring but tend to be lighter in clear waters. They are most recognizable by the large black spot or two that appears near the base of their tail. Redfish habitats can vary from offshore waters up to 50 feet deep to shallow, freshwater estuaries and bayous. Their choice of habitat is largely dependent on their size. The smaller fish inhabit shallow water, and after they grow to approximately 27 inches in length, they migrate to deeper waters.

Our Formula for a Successful Redfish Charter

First and foremost, every angler must have a Louisiana 3-day nonresident saltwater fishing license prior to leaving the dock. We utilize years of knowledge and experience as well as the most successful techniques for catching redfish. Popular techniques experienced anglers use for catching redfish involve floating a shrimp under a cork or rigging up soft-bodied jigs, topwater plugs, and spoons. Du’ South Fishing Charters approaches business from a unique perspective. Most other fishing charters come in after 6 hours of fishing regardless of the catch; however, all trips guided by us are inclusive up to an 8-hour day. Capt. Jared will fish longer and harder to ensure you do not go home empty-handed.

Learn About Us

Our redfish charter fishing trips in Southern Louisiana are all-inclusive, except for the cost of live bait. You may bring along your own rod and tackle if you prefer or just use one of our fully equipped fishing poles. Visit us on date with our most recent speckled trout fishing trips on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on our latest catches. You can contact Capt. Jared at (337) 578-8189 or visit the Contact page for other ways to get in touch about booking your next redfish charter fishing excursion. We look forward to hearing from you!