Speckled Trout Fishing Charters in Southern Louisiana

Spotted sea trout, commonly known as speckled trout, are distinguishable by their spiny, silver-colored bodies and distinct black spots on their back and dorsal fins. Their mouths are characterized by a protruding lower jaw and well-developed canine teeth. Speckled trout usually prefer open water and avoid habitats with hard bottoms and underwater structures. For inshore trips, look to interior estuaries; for offshore trips, journey to waters approaching 30 feet. If you seek the best opportunity to land larger trout, we recommend booking your Southern Louisiana speckled trout fishing charter during the spring when trout move closer to shore to spawn.

What To Know About Our Speckled Trout Fishing Charters

Read on further to learn what you should know before your charter date. Required by law, all anglers will need to purchase a 3-day nonresident saltwater fishing license before the boat departs. We recommend bringing along the following items to have the most enjoyable experience possible. We will be out on the open water for multiple hours with minimal coverage; therefore, you should be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and a hat for protection from the sun. Bring along your favorite pair of sunglasses for improved visibility looking at the water and rain gear if inclement weather is expected on the day of your trip. You can bring along your lucky rod and reel if you would like, but we offer fully equipped fishing poles for every angler. Some other essentials we recommend are a camera to photograph your catch, a small cooler for food and drinks, and an empty cooler to take home cleaned fillets. Capt. Jared is determined to deliver clients a rewarding fishing trip. Other fishing charters typically return to port in Dularge, Louisiana, after 6 hours of fishing regardless of the catch; however, our charters are inclusive up to an 8-hour day if the fish are not biting.

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Capt. Jared with Du’ South Fishing Charters will make your experience memorable and enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable about Southern Louisiana waters and all it has to offer. Stay up to date with our most recent speckled trout fishing trips on Instagram and Facebook. Do not wait! Call today as our prime season speckled trout fishing charters are booking up fast! Contact Capt. Jared at (337) 578-8189 or visit the Contact page with any other questions you may have.